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Stacie Burns
Founder/Board Director
Hello I'm Stacie the president and founder of Drug Free All Stars. My mission, and purpose is to help others into recovery and break the stigma of addiction. I am a recovering heroin addict that finally found my way with Medical Assisted Recovery (methadone). I'm also a Counselor, Certified Peer Recovery coach, Motivational Speaker, Advisory Board Member for Novi Community Coalition, Certified Narcan Trainer, and Radio Talk Show host for Cave Radio.
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 Sarah Monday

 Vice President

 Hello my name is Sarah and I am the VP for Drug Free All Stars. I'm a grateful recovery addict and alcoholic. I am married with 2 children. I have been sober since March 25,2018. After losing someone close to me to addiction, it was an eye opener for me, and I vowed to help fellow addicts to see the life on the other side of the drug. If I can help one person, then I'm doing what my higher power is allowing me to do to help keep myself sober.

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 Lisa Whitman


 Hello, my name is Lisa and I am the treasurer for the Drug Free All Stars. I am a person in long term recovery and my clean date is 12/7/17. I also work at a treatment center! It is heart breaking to see how many people die each and every year because of addiction. I feel that one of the biggest reasons that continues to happen is because of the stigma that society places on people who are dealing with addiction. So it makes it very hard for people to react out and ask for help. I became part of this organization because I wanted to be able to help others see that recovery is possible! Everyone's journey will not be the same, and that is okay!

           Agnes Yarsike MA,TLLP 

       Executive Admin Director

 S.U.D. Therapist/Supervisor for a treatment center in Oakland County, Michigan. I have my masters in Clinical Psychology. My part in Drug Free All Stars is to bring assistance to the family, and anyone affected by the Disease of Addiction/ Mental Health.

  Richard LaMoore


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  Stacy Taylor